Branded email: Why you need one!

Branded email:Branded Email

Branded email is key to promoting your business. A branded email helps your business portray a sense of authenticity and professionalism.

Easy to Setup:

A branded email is easy to setup! You only need a few things to get started. A computer, squirrelmail, hMailServer, and DNS service. With very little effort and knowledge anyone can set up their own email and server, even for a home based business.


It’s Inexpensive:

Your only cost is the cost to register your domain as well as the cost of a DNS provider, like dyndns. $40 per year for managed DNS using your own domain, it’s a great deal!

You don’t need a server:

Thats right, no server needed! hMailServer can be running on even the most basic computer with an internet connection. You can use a basic computer like the Dell Optiplex 755 – http://amzn.to/2e6rIvq –  to run your eMail server and at a very low cost, if you don’t have a spare computer lying around to use for email.

Create a sense of growth:

Give your business a feeling of big business! A generic email address can convey that your business is small, or new, or part-time. Even if it is why not give it that big business feel. You get to create a sense of value for your time, a generic email can help to prevent a sense where customers fell as though your time is not as valuable. As well you can have multiple email address such as support@yourdomain.com or services@yourdomain.com. These help to support your professional image and grow your brand awareness.

email for Employees:

You can set-up personal email address for each employee and have it forward to their personal email so they can always stay up to date. Even if you have no employees give yourself your own email as using admin is not recommended and will normally gather spam quickly.

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