Computer protection, what software do I need?

Computer Protection

We get this question a lot from customers.

Our blanket response is pretty simple, you need 4 things for Computer Protection.

  1. Anti-Virus
  2. Malware Protection
  3. Intrusion Protection
  4. Spyware Protection

However there are a ton of options available and we will cover two of the best in our opinion and experience.

Here are the ones we recommend.


Avast computer protectionAvast Pro – Get Avast Pro – Save 20%

Avast Pro offers a lot of protection for one low price and we use it on our own computers. We highly recommend it to our customers because Avast Pro really does the job of protecting your computer. By offering the above protections needed built into the program from the ground up, that means It’s much more than just anti-virus program your whole computer is protected with Avast Pro.

One of the pro edition’s new features needs special mention as it works behind the scenes. If you install another antivirus with Avast already on the system, it automatically goes into Passive Mode. To avoid conflicts, it disables all real-time scanning and other active protection. You can still use Avast manually and run any scan you want to run. There is precedent for this as Microsoft Windows Defender does something very similar.

Also note, the pro version offers a ton of value by bringing together multiple layers of protection from malware, phising, exploitation, and virus infections to VPN and password manager.

Click Here to view the Avast Pro Datasheet PDF


Malware Protection/All-in-one

Malwarebytes computer protection

Are you looking for malware protection? Look no further than Malwarebytes 3 Malwarebytes 3.0 has an elegant and appealing interface.

According to the Malwarebytes, this version scans files four times faster than previous versions. Which is always a huge plus for any scanning application! One thing you have to remember about the free version is that it offers no real time protection. The free edition of Malwarebytes is a cleanup-only product, so you need a real anti-virus program to pair with Malwarebytes free version.

The paid premium version can just about do everything, protection wise, anyone would ever need. Realtime Protection, Anti-exploit, Anti-ransomeware, Malicious website protection, Anti-spyware/Anti-malware, and Anti-rootkit you can not go wrong upgrading to premium it is well worth the price. 

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