Geforce GTX 750ti – Reviewed

Geforce GTX 750ti

Geforce GTX 750ti

Geforce GTX 750ti

Could we give you specs and performance, sure but you can get that anywhere. We want to talk about how the Geforce GTX 750ti from Nvidia performs in the real world. We want to give you a review from the average users view point.


Daily use graphics

If all you do is surf the web, then you don’t need a GPU. However if you do any gaming you will want a graphics card, aka video card, we think you absolutely can’t go wrong with the Geforce GTX 750ti. From running games like War Thunder, World of Warcraft, Rift, Prison Architect, Simpleplanes, Robocraft, or Kerbal Space Program you can be sure you will get the performance you want from this card. While it is not going to run them on ultra setting at 4K. Medium settings at 1080p are wonderful and smooth. Even on high settings at 1080p we found them very playable, with only a few stutters here and there on the most demanding games.


Best Bang for your Buck

It comes down to price and for just over $100 you can not go wrong! – Buy the 750ti Today!

For the performance that you will get from this card you can’t beat it, sure you get fanboys from AMD saying that the R7 370 is way better for just a little more. But at $100 nothing from AMD comes close in our opinion. We rest our case, bang for the buck stops with the Geforce GTX 750ti.


Variations of the Geforce GTX 750ti

You can find a number of variations of the Geforce GTX 750ti from various manufacturers. However, essentially they are all the same with minor differences in clock speed and watts consumed. The bottom line, you can’t go wrong when buying this graphics card, it is hands down the best at its price point. We do recommend ZOTAC GeForce GTX 750Ti as it is the cheapest variation of the graphics card we have found on the market today.



Is it the most powerful graphics card, no. Can you spend $40 and do better, of course you can. But at the end of the day, most users will be more than pleased with the performance of the Geforce GTX 750ti no matter what version or brand you buy. If you happen to be upgrading an older pc the difference is outstanding. You can read charts and compare numbers all day but in the end, it’s the real world performance that matters. We think the Geforce GTX 750ti is a winner!


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