How To: Small Office Network Layout

How To: Small Office Network Layout 

How To: Small Office Layout: Most homes and small offices can benefit from knowing how they need to layout their network for best performance. We thought that we could help by drawing up a little diagram to help those that need a visual ad. While this is geared more toward a small business a home user can really benefit from this setup. Giving you the ability to share files from one source. As well as backup multiple devices at once over a gigabit network.


Home user could do without the firewall but it would be unwise for a business.

How To: Small Office Network Layout – Things you will need

List of devices you can use for each application and where to find them!

  1. Modem: You get this from your ISP normally.
  2. Firewall: Netgear FVS336G ProSafe – Amazon Link
  3. Load Balancer: TP-Link TL-R470T+ – Amazon Link
  4. Wireless Router: NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1900 – Amazon Link
  5. Switch: NETGEAR ProSAFE GSS116E – Amazon Link
  6. Network Attached Storage (NAS): ZyXEL Personal Cloud – Amazon Link

Note – Hard drives are not included with most NAS systems, we recommend: WD Red 6TB NAS Hard Disk Drive – Amazon Link

You can switch the orientation of the Load Balancer and the Firewall. If your firewall does not have the ability to accept multiple WAN connections. In this case you would put the Load Balancer first followed by the firewall.


How To: Small Office Layout – Additional Details

This can be setup easily by anyone that is comfortable with networking. It does not require a professional for installation but it is recommended. On a scale of one to ten of difficulty this would rank a four for a professional. For the average computer users it would rank an eight.

Ela Computer Repair offers this service and more information can be found: http://www.elacomputerrepair.com/services

Our service includes Load Balancer and Setup. Other equipment is extra and would incur additional labor costs.

How To: Small Office Layout

Small Office or Home Network Diagram

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