Opera Built In VPN: Is it any good?

Opera Built In VPN

Opera Built In VPN.

It seems that the VPN built into Opera suffers from the same issues all VPN’s suffer from. No great leaps in technological advancements here, in our opinion. Overhead, latency, and ping; not to mention some websites just will not work at all while on a VPN. Netflix has blocked the use of Opera VPN in Europe, or so it’s been reported. We have no confirmation on this as of yet. Though if Netflix is blocking your service, that is not good!


User Base, Opera.

With 350 Million total users Opera products are a large portion of the internet user base, that’s a big number. VPN does have its benefits and to have a VPN built into a browser, well we like it and will be testing and using it over the coming months.


VPN Offers Some Undeniable Benefits.

In countries where a website maybe blocked, having a free and easily accessible VPN would allow users to reach sites they could not before. Such as in China where some social media is blocked. This would allow users to use social media and get entertainment that was unavailable without a VPN. This leads us to the fact that a VPN offers a level of anonymity that a normal web browser just does not have without VPN, built-in or otherwise. Also, even while visiting a site with no SSL encryption a VPN would give an extra layer of security to help prevent the leakage of information.


The Downside of Opera Built in VPN.

VPN consumes a great deal of bandwidth, using SSL does not, while providing a lot of the same security and encryption. Often good VPN’s need a monthly subscription and it is likely the built-in VPN from Opera does not offer the same level of service an SSL VPN does for a monthly cost. If you want a VPN for security we would not recommend Opera’s built-in VPN.


The Upside of Opera Built in VPN.

It is free and easy to use! As stated above it does offer what you would expect from a VPN. We have no complains it does function as intended and did we mention it’s free? It’s Free!!! We have always liked Opera’s clean design and the VPN is well-integrated and easy to use. Once setup it’s a matter of simply turning it on or off as the user see’s fit. More web browsers should follow suit and let Opera lead the way, fantastic job so far!


Here are some links to great resources on the subject.



Our next VPN review will be in November 2017 of TunnelBear

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