Pirl cryptocurrency an interview with Chris at pirl.Minerpool.net

Pirl launched on Oct 1st 2017 at 00:01 gmt+1 the project began about 4 weeks earlier and grew into what we have today.

I spoke to Chris about the various aspects of pirl and got his thoughts on Pirl.

The Early Days

Q. Having worked on earlier coin launches what experience did you bring to Pirl that helped you the most?

A. Deep knowledge of the pool sources, so I know exactly what is going on and I think daily routine and composure

Q. What was it that got you into Pirl, what was the feature you found most interesting?

A. The payment gateway system that is planned.

Q. What will the payment gateway be like, what will it do?

A. Like PayPal but with an escrow system to handle disputes. But instead of thinking of it as a dispute; It’s more like arbitration where a random moderator is chosen and brings the final verdict. This will all happen automatically and in minutes, not days.

Q. How is this accomplished?

A. Masternodes!

Q. What is a Masternode, is it like a pool?

A. Top Secret!!!!!! – The masternodes cannot be compared to a pool … they are super nodes with the same functions as full nodes and all additional things which will be necessary. They will cost 20,000 Pirl to run.

No Premine, No ICO, 100% ASIC Resistant

100% ASIC Resistant

With the first two points “No Premine” and “No ICO” you have the guarantee that the team must work well, because they get no money without doing anything.

Asic resistant is important for the gpu miners, because asics can’t damage the coin value for the gpu miners, while coming in with TH/s of mining power.

Pirl remains in the hands of GPU miners, we feel this is a good thing to present to the Cryptocurrency community.

I want to mine Pirl, is there an easy way?

If you are not into creating batch files and running mining software then the latest news will excite you. Pirl developers are hard at work creating an exciting new Graphical User Interface that will have you mining Pirl in 3 easy steps! Here is a sneak peak of the GUI Miner! Pirl GUI Miner

Currently, as of this posting, the easiest method is to use the guide on steemit – Pirl: Wallet Setup & Pool Mining 101 | Claymore | NVIDIA | Windows

Join Pirl discord to chat with Pirl miners, pool ops, and developers. A world of knowledge awaits you! Discord, Reddit, Twitter, and Community Forum


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