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Top 5: Reasons to use Linux

Listed here are our Top 5 Reasons to use Linux. In no particular order.  Here at Ela Computer Repair we love Linux for many reasons, but we will focus on just 5 reasons for now. Let’s get right into things.

Ease of use

The first reason we think you should use Linux is that it is very user friendly. Gone are the days of needing to know a bunch of code. Even with the lesser known versions of Linux installation and usage remains simple and straightforward. Further, in its native for Linux is a live operating system, meaning it will boot up without using your hard drive. This has many advantages that we will cover next.

Live Booting from USB, DVD, or CD

Linux allows you to boot directly from storage media. The operating system will boot to memory bypassing your hard drive. This is very useful if you need to recover files from a damaged drive, or if you have a very infected Windows operating system. Most distributions are very small compared to Windows. A Linux ISO are rarely over 1.5 GB compared to Windows where the ISO is often well over 3 GB.

No Viruses 

While there are some viruses they are very few and far between. Linux in its default configuration, for most distributions, does not give administrator privileges by default. Windows tries to get around the fact that they do give administrator privileges by using user account control. However it is not the same as Linux. The way that permissions are handled makes Linux almost 100% immune to infections especially malware, ransomware, rootkits, and trojans.

Revive your old computer or laptop

Almost any Linux distribution can run on hardware that is 10+ years old. As long as the computer is in working order Linux can make your old computer run like brand new. It is great for refurbishers and DIY home builders looking for a lightweight and free solution to Windows. If you use new hardware it is even better Linux in a solid state drive and 6 to 8GB of RAM is blistering fast!

It is Free, and Open Source

Totally free! Most applications and games, as well as the distributions, are all open source. This means they are free to use, modify, and redistribute as you see fit. No one company owns the software. The infrastructure of the Internet is largely composed of open-source programs such as DNS, sendmail, Apache and languages such as HTML and Perl. You are reading this blog thanks to Linux!



While Linux is not as popular as Windows that does not mean it is bad in anyway. Linux is fun to use and learn. The community is huge and people are always coming up with new ways to use Linux. One of the best communities to learn more about Linux is reddit.com/r/linux. So roll up your sleeves and pull out your USB drive and get to installing Linux! This concludes our Top 5 Reasons to use Linux.



Programs you will need to install Linux.

ImgBurn – Direct Download Link

Linux Mint 18 “Sarah” – Cinnamon (64Bit) – Direct Download Link



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