Yahoo Hacked!

you_have_been_hackedYahoo Hack

Yahoo has been known to be the victim of cyber hacking quite a bit in the past. Unfortunately, it has happened again. This recent Yahoo hack has been found that over 500 million accounts have had information stolen. There are rumors that a foreign government is behind the attack. This is not something to laugh at. Yahoo accounts have delicate information on them and these attacks can make it unsafe for users to continue being active on their accounts after the recent Yahoo hack.

What Was Stolen?

The hackers were able to retrieve the names of the users, their email addresses, phone numbers, dates of birth, passwords, and security questions. This is dangerous because many people use the same passwords across various websites as well as security questions, not to mention you could get a lot of unsolicited calls. One good bit of information is that Yahoo was using “hashing” or a type of cryptography to keep the passwords safe. This means that the hackers would have needed strong computers and programing to crack the passwords a single account at a time.

Who Hacked Yahoo?

It seems as if it was done by a foreign country using either military or intelligence services. It seems likely that it was China, Russia, or North Korea.

What Can You Do?

The best thing you can do after this Yahoo hack is to continuously change your password on a regular basis. Create different passwords that are complex and don’t use the same password for other websites. It is also a good idea to have alternate ways to verify your account, which will take away the break-in access point of security questions.
You will also want to keep an eye on other accounts you have. If you typically use the same username and password combination for all of your accounts, you need to change this bad habit. Typically, hackers will use the data they’ve stolen to log into other websites you have. Keep an eye on them and go ahead and change your passwords now. The very best way to keep your information private is to actively change your security information and be careful about what you post about yourself, even in your own account information.
It is unfortunate that we cannot even trust something as simple as how we get our email, but like some specific political candidates have shown, nothing is private online anymore.


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